About the Farm

In 2021, the project will include three components: Community Engagement, Community Farmers, and a Farm Coordinator.

Community Engagement will take place through:

  • Events, tours, and workshops
  • Opportunities to volunteer on a weekly basis
  • A weekly on-site farm market from July through to mid-October

Through an application process, five community members will be invited to be Community Farmers in 2021. They will:

  • Be given access to approximately 2,400 sq ft of prepared garden space
  • Have access to all infrastructure and equipment necessary to manage their plot
  • Participate in the workshops and trainings
  • Keep any money they make from what they grow in their own garden plot

The Farm Coordinator will manage the farm and programs:

  • Develop farm infrastructure and equipment
  • Ensure farm production and sustainability
  • Coordinate the Community Farmer program and provide workshops and trainings
  • Coordinate the Communal Garden Plot, growing on approximately half the site with volunteers, and sell the harvest through a weekly on-site farm market
  • Coordinate a weekly Farmer Market

These are the plans for 2021.

There is much to be done before we can begin growing.

  • The land must be prepared. The existing grass must be killed off, and compost and other organic amendments must be applied.
  • Infrastructure must be installed, including water for irrigation, storage for supplies, a perimeter fence, hydrocooling stations to immediately cool and hydrate the freshly harvested vegetables, and a cooler to preserve the harvests before distribution.

For more information, please contact us.