Community Farmer Program

Central to the operation of the Flemingdon Community Farm is the Community Farmer program. The Community Farmer program is not designed for home or community gardeners, and is distinct from the neighbouring Community Garden plots. Instead, the Community Farmer program is intended for those interested in pursuing micro-farming as a means to earn supplemental income. Revenues will be modest and will not be a primary source of income for residents. Ideally, Community Farmers will already have a strong knowledge in growing (and perhaps even selling) produce. 

Community Farmers will:

  • Be given access to approximately 2,400 sq ft of prepared garden space
  • Have access to all infrastructure and equipment necessary to manage their plot
  • Participate in the workshops and trainings offered by the Farm Coordinator
  • Keep any money they make from what they grow in their own garden plot

Not everyone who wishes to participate in the Community Farmer program will be able to participate. Unfortunately, space is limited at this farm site. Through an application process, five community members will be invited to be Community Farmers. The Steering Committee will review applications, conduct interviews with applicants, and invite select candidates to join the Community Farmer program. 

The Community Farmer program will focus on providing land access to those who live in the local community and will benefit most from access to space to grow food for supplemental income. This means prioritizing applications from people who experience systemic forms of marginalization such as growers who are Black, Indigenous, and people of colour, those living on a fixed income, newcomers, LGBTQ2S+ folks, women, and those with disabilities.

To be eligible to apply, there are 3 absolute requirements or mandatory criteria:

  • You must be a resident of Flemingdon Park, or be a resident from a community neighbouring Flemingdon Park (Thorncliffe, Victoria Village, Bermondsey, Parkview Hills, Don Mills, Leaside, and other neighbourhoods surrounding the Farm). Contact us if you are unsure if you meet this eligibility criteria.
  • You must be planning to sell your harvests within Flemingdon Park or within your community neighbouring Flemingdon Park.
  • You must fill in the Application Form in full

The Application Form is available in any language and can be submitted in any language, not just English.

Applicants are encouraged to seek assistance in completing the Application Form. The Application Form is not a test. Family and friends can help applicants to complete the Application Form. Resources to assist applicants in completing the Application Form will be available. Applicants are also encouraged to submit a draft of their Application Form to the Farm Coordinator, who can review and suggest ways to potentially strengthen the Application. 

More details about the Community Farmer program will be available soon, including an Information Package, Guidelines for Community Farmers, and the Application Form itself.  Everything will be posted here and can also be sent in the mail.  

If you want to know when more information about the Community Farmer program becomes available, please contact us.