Frequently Asked Questions About Flemo Farm

Is Flemo Farm a new Community Garden?

No. Flemo Farm is not a new Community Garden. It is also separate from the neighbouring Community Gardens at 150 Grenoble Drive. Small plots of land are not available for growing personal gardens.

What happens at Flemo Farm?

The Flemo Farm site is ½ acre. Half of the farm is cared for by staff who will grow and harvest food with the help of residents through a volunteer program. The other half of the farm is dedicated to plots for 5 growers from the local community who will run small farm businesses through the Community Farmer program. There are also be events, workshops and tours for both kids and adults.

What is being grown?

Over 50 different vegetables and herbs are being grown. Everything from arugula to zucchini, tomatoes & peppers eggplant & lettuce, and many many more.

Who is running the Farm?

Flemingdon Health Center and FoodShare Toronto are working together to run Flemo Farm. There is a Steering Committee of local residents and organizations. The Flemo Farm staff, Community Farmers, and volunteers will be growing food on site.

Where can I get the harvests?

There will be a weekly farm market from June through October. Community Farmers will also distribute their harvests through their own channels within the area.

Who pays for the Farm?

Funding to run the farm comes mostly from the Weston Family Foundation.

What is the Community Farmer Program?

Through an application process, five community members have been invited to be Community Farmers.

  • They have been given access to 2,400 square feet (220 square meters) of prepared garden space
  • Can access to all the infrastructure, equipment, and supplies needed to manage their plot
  • Can participate in workshops and training opportunities
  • Keep any money they make from what they grow in their own garden plot
Who can apply?

People who live in Flemingdon Park or in neighbourhoods surrounding Flemingdon Park.

Should I apply?

The program is for people interested in growing and selling vegetables. This is not a program for home or community gardeners. Please apply if you love growing food, want to grow vegetables & herbs to sell within your community, and earn a supplemental income. Ideally, Community Farmers will already have a strong knowledge in growing (and perhaps even selling) produce.

How much do Community Farmers need to pay?

Nothing. Community Farmers will have free access to the land, equipment, and tools, and be provided with all the supplies (compost, seeds, plants, etc) they need.

How much money will Community Farmers earn?

The amount they earn will depend on their farming skills & knowledge. Because the amount of land available is limited, we know that revenues will be modest and will not be enough to be considered a primary source of income.

If I apply, will I be accepted into the program?

Not everyone who wishes to participate in the Community Farmer program will be able to participate. Unfortunately, space is limited at this farm site. There is only space for 5 Community Farmers.

How will Community Farmers be selected?

The Steering Committee will select the 5 Community Farmers based on the strength of their application and their interview. The program will focus on providing land access to those who live in the local community and will benefit most from access to space to grow food for supplemental income. This means prioritizing applications from people who experience systemic forms of marginalization such as growers who are Black, Indigenous, and people of colour, those living on a fixed income, newcomers, women, LGBTQ2S+ folks, and those with disabilities.

Can I get help to complete the Application Form?

The Application Form is not a test. Family and friends can help applicants to complete the Application Form. There are also resources available on our website to help you complete the Application Form; these documents can also be sent in the mail to anyone interested. You are also encouraged to submit a draft of your Application Form to the Farm Coordinator, who can review and suggest ways to potentially strengthen the Application.

Do I have to complete the Application Form in English?

No. You can complete the Application Form in any language. Also, please let us know if you require a translation of the Application Form, or if you would like an explanation of the Application Form in a language other than English.

Do I have to complete the Application Form on a computer?

No. You can complete the form with paper and pen if you wish. We can also send you copies of all the Community Farmer documents (including the Application Form) in the mail. Contact Carl at FoodShare.

Do I need to run my farm business by myself?

No. It is not necessary for a Community Farmer to operate alone. Each “Community Farmer” can actually be a team of 2 or more people working together on a shared micro-farm business.

I am a good grower and I have a good business plan but I am not good at filling in Application Forms. Could I still be accepted into the program?

Yes. The interview is also an important step in the selection process. The Steering Committee understands that perhaps English is not necessarily your primary language, and/or perhaps you will not be very comfortable working on a computer, and/or that there could be other challenges you face in completing the Application Form. It is for this reason that acceptance into the Community Farmer program is not wholly dependent on the Application Form. Applicants will also be interviewed by the Steering Committee before any decisions are made about who will participate in the Community Farmer program.