Frequently Asked Questions About Flemo Farm

Is Flemo Farm a new Community Garden?

No. Flemo Farm is not a new Community Garden. It is also separate from the neighbouring Community Gardens at 150 Grenoble Drive. Small plots of land are not available for growing personal gardens.

What happens at Flemo Farm?

The Flemo Farm site is ½ acre. Half of the farm is cared for by staff who will grow and harvest food with the help of residents through a volunteer program. The other half of the farm is dedicated to plots for 5 growers from the local community and one Indigenous grower who run small farm businesses through the Community Farmer program. There are also events, workshops and tours for both kids and adults.

What is being grown?

Over 60 different vegetables and herbs are being grown. Everything from arugula to zucchini, tomatoes & peppers, eggplant & lettuce, and many many more.

Who is running the Farm?

Flemingdon Health Center and FoodShare Toronto are working together to run Flemo Farm. There is a Steering Committee of local residents and organizations. The Flemo Farm staff, Community Farmers, and volunteers grow food on site.

Where can I get the harvests?

There is a weekly farm market from July through October. Community Farmers also distribute their harvests through their own channels within Flemingdon Park.

Who pays for the Farm?

Funding to run the farm comes mostly from the Weston Family Foundation and the Balsam Foundation.